Friday, November 20, 2009

Catching Up on BWA

Welcome to By Whose Authority. Is this your first time pursuing this blog? Are you unsure about where or what to start reading? This post aims to help you get up to speed on what has been happening here, from the beginning to the present, without having to read every single post. Keep checking this page every once and a while. It will be updated.

BWA’s Beginning
A joint project was suggested to Catz by an Eastern Orthodox blogger, aimed at critiquing Eastern Orthodox theology and affirming Evangelical theology, but unfortunately it was cut short and the project was continued on a private blog. Eventually, it was discovered that others were interested in this topic, and with the help of Nathanael Taylor and David Nilsen, Catz made the blog public.

BWA's Current Objective

This blog is devoted to addressing questions of Church authority and other doctrinal issues surrounding the Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Our hope is to foster a charitable and winsome dialog in the pursuit of God’s truth.

BWA's Doctrinal Perspective

Currently, we are all Protestant and differ on some matters among ourselves. In the future we may have other contributors as well.

We affirm the Nicaen Creed and Sola Scriptura.

Most of the main contributors have attended Biola University for their undergraduate degrees and are presently working on their MDivs at other places. Their graduate studies have been from Duke Divinity School, Trinity Divinity School (Deerfield) and Westminster Theological Seminary (PHIL/CA).

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