Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Note To The Reader

For anyone who still checks here regularly, I wanted to let you know that the three authors here at By Whose Authority? are all graduate students, and as such we're insanely busy with school work at the moment. I am currently working on several posts that I hope will be ready in the near future, but school must always take priority.

So, our posting will likely continue to be sporadic for the next few weeks, but don't lose heart! We'll be back to normal in no time!

Thank you all for your patience.


Catz206 said...

one undergrad still :(

David Cox said...

Hey, that is no excuse. Some of us have kids crawling on us while trying to blog :)

Seriously, I have appreciated the dialogue on this blog and look forward to more of it...

Dionysios said...

Gah! This blog clearly contains lies! Everything it says must be false! OMFGWTFAMISAYING?!


Take your time, kids. I haven't exactly been blogging actively, either.